Monday, August 9, 2010

Why Said Panties?

Well, why not, really?

Okay, so you maybe want to know what Said Panties means. I can understand that. It really is a vague, mysterious name for a blog.

What if I were to tell you that Said Panties should mean something different to each person? That Said Panties is what YOU bring to the table?

Okay, so that's bullshit.

To be honest, I don't remember where the term Said Panties came from. X and myself and our friend Becky somehow stumbled upon it while completely sober, but acting entirely drunk.

It made a worthy entry in our "not yet copyrighted band names" game for sure. What sort of a band would take such a name? An AWESOME band, that's what kind of band. Imagine the merchandising opportunities! Women's undergarments with speech bubbles all over them.

I can give you one clarification point on Said Panties, though. And that is that we're not saying that the panties have said anything. "I really enjoyed the latest Twilight movie," said Panties.

That would be an incorrect reading of our blog's title.

Rather, think of it as a title referencing a specific pair of panties.

"I am wearing those panties with the picture of Karl Marx on the taint," mentioned Kimberly.

"Well I'd like to purchase my own copy of said panties," said the talking pair of women's under garments.

That's probably as close as you're going to get to understanding the point and title of this blog. I hope that helps you.

So is there a theme to this blog? Maybe. X and I have discussed a few possibilities. But none are solid yet. We figure we'll just fling our frilly numbers at the wall and see what slides and what sticks. Hopefully this turns out to be a fun time.

Well, it WILL be a fun time, whatever it ends up being.



  1. I KNOW WHERE IT CAME FROM. We were at whatever the hell that gay nightclub on Long Island is called. Marissa D'Amato was there with me. She said something about a gogo dancer on a cube, and how he was wearing panties. She then referred back to them in a later conversation, and she referred to them as "said panties, you know, the panties I was previously referring to." It stuck. BOOM.