Monday, August 9, 2010



When J first approached me about doing a blog, and asked me what said blog should be about, my mind immediately jumped to only one conclusion:


If there's one thing everybody can agree on in this mixed up world, it's panties. We all love 'em, right? Seeing 'em, wearing 'em. Thongs, briefs, granny? Doesn't matter - I'm there. Who doesn't want to read an entire blog devoted to the trials and tribulations of this wondrous undergarment?

Actually, that's a lie. I'll tell you right now, I'm an unreliable narrator, like the Leonardo DiCaprio character in any Leonardo DiCaprio movie. As J has already mentioned, this blog has nothing to do with actual tried-and-true boyshorts, nor any other kind of panties. It's only our way of expressing our randomness to the world. "Said Panties" could tackle anything. Entertainment, politics, sports - well, not sports. Who are we kidding? This blog has "panties" in the title, for Christ's sake.

(Please read "sake" as the Japanese alcoholic beverage "sake," served hot or cold. I like to think Christ would be open to booze from a multitude of cultures. I mean, turning water into wine is a neat trick and all, but I'll be really impressed when you turn it into Jack Daniels.)

Anyway. For as much as X and J are alike in certain ways, we also differ greatly. We think differently. We have different tastes. We take a different approach to life on a daily basis. We are Yin and Yang, if Yin and Yang also get together every couple of weeks to have cocktails and watch movies. I think our differences, partnered with our similarities, could create for some very interesting blogging.

And if not, J and I pledge to let this blog devolve into scandalous posts of ourselves depicted in various knickers. I call tanga! (Whatever those are.)

No lies,


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